Club Marketing

Twin Oaks Makes Marketing to Your Club Easy

Twin Oaks can provide your club with turn-key marketing materials to make marketing to members as easy as placing a phone call. Check out the available options below, decide on which you would like to send to your members, give us a call and we'll help you find a solution for the rest. It's that easy! Member marketing pieces include: printed piece with customized wording and offer, envelope (not for birthday/anniversary card) and postage.

Promotes your club to members and prospects.
Perceived by members and prospects as a great gesture, creates an additional sales person for you.
Use our turn-key marketing materials to generate more leads and sales.

Bring a Buddy

Bring a Buddy is a referral program whereby each new member receives four free passes to issue to their friends. For a modest cost, your club can generate high-quality prospects leading to more members and revenue - buddy referrals are known to be the best source of leads available.

How It Works

  • A new member file is uploaded to Twin Oaks automatically.
  • A professionally printed piece with four free passes is mailed out by Twin Oaks monthly to all new members.
  • When members receive the piece, they in turn give the four passes to their friends/prospects.
  • Prospect redeems the pass at your club and club activates the bar-coded card.
  • Club can control the number of visits or length of trial time allowed.
  • Sponsoring member could receive special rewards or gifts.
  • Use the program on an ongoing basis or as a major campaign.
  • Track member referrals in the software.
  • Options to give a discounted rate to the referring member.

Birthdays & Club Anniversaries

Let your members know that you are thinking about them! Our birthday or club anniversary cards are the perfect way to thank members for their continued membership.

How It Works

  • Member file is uploaded to Twin Oaks automatically.
  • A professionally printed piece with a birthday or anniversary message, plus your customized offer for a free smoothie, energy bar, personal training session, etc. is sent to members either on their birthday or their club anniversary.
  • Member redeems the free offer at the club.
  • Use the program on an ongoing basis.

Mail Merge & Email Blasts

  • Communicate with members and prospects via email
  • Create billing and collections letters
  • Manage surveys
  • Renewal letters, notices and emails
  • Low usage notifications
  • Welcome to new members
  • Holidays, hours or staff changes
  • Create customized, personal letters and notes
  • Additional reports for Bookings, appointments and Interests Management

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